Zero waste tutorials

Welcome to this page, dedicated to zero waste tips!

Do you know tawashi?

This little sponge is made up of your mismatched socks!
Get a board of at least 14x14cm, plant 5 nails per side spaced 2cm apart (therefore, count 2.3cm from the edge and go for it)
cut the elastic and the point (to keep for as padding for the bottom of doors), cut 10 strips of 3 cm (you often need 2 socks) and weave.
When you have woven your 10 bands (1 time above, 1 time below), fold one band over the other (as in knitting knitting), add a knot to the last loop to secure it, and voila!

Owl, the onions (garlic, shallots) have sprouted!

Spring is coming and your bulbs are germinating in the reserve ... Place them at the foot of your indoor plants and let them live their life. You will cut the stems according to your needs to enhance your meals: flavor more subtle than the bulbs.

Nettles for detox

They are there, very young and already so spicy ... and so full of benefits for our health!
Bring gloves, a pair of scissors and a container. Pick the nettle shoots. Later in the season, you'll limit yourself to the upper leaves.
Soak in vinegar water to eliminate parasites, soil ... Rinse your picking in a colander, discard the water. Dry the nettles over a source of gentle heat (not the stove!) On a white cloth or towel.
Crumble and store in a closed glass or metal jar.
Perfect on your salads or in your herbal teas!