Zero waste tutorials


Welcome to this page, dedicated to zero waste tips!

Perfume the house with your sachet funds!

Personally, I keep the bottoms of tea bags for far too long: worse to drink, but wonderful for scenting the house! Sort by fragrance (citrus fruits, red fruits, spices, etc.), possibly complete with dried bark, a little crushed cinnamon and fill small containers (an opportunity to use these dormant trinkets). Place in your toilet or on a radiator for better scent diffusion, and voilà!

Upgrade your citrus zest!

Eat oranges and lemons...and keep the zest! If they are organic, great: you can eat them, grated. They will deliciously flavor your preparations! Dry them and mold them. Preserved in a glass jar, it will make you a precious spice.
In the garden: scattered on your lawns and paths, they will deter cats and dogs with their scent.
In domestic hygiene:dry the strips, mold them and place a small quantity in your vacuum cleaner bag: fresh feeling guaranteed! Of course, a simple small basket filled with these same dried zests will diffuse a delicate ambient scent, very pleasant in winter.

Do you know tawashi?

This little sponge is made from your mismatched socks!
Take a board of at least 14x14cm, stick 5 nails per side spaced 2cm apart (so count 2.3cm from the edge and go for it)
cut the elastic and the point (to keep as padding for the bottom of doors), cut 10 strips of 3 cm (you often need 2 socks) and weave.
When you have woven your 10 strips (1 time above, 1 time below), fold one strip over the other (like in knitting), add a knot to the last loop to secure it, and that's it!

Great, the onions (garlic, shallots) have sprouted!

Spring is coming and your bulbs are germinating in the reserve... Place them at the foot of your indoor plants and let them live their life.You will cut the stems according to your needs to enhance your meals: more subtle flavor than the bulbs.

Nettles for detox

They are there, very young and already so spicy... and so full of benefits for our health!
Bring gloves, a pair of scissors and a container. Pick the nettle shoots. Later in the season, you will limit yourself to the upper leaves.
Soak in vinegar water to eliminate parasites, soil...Rinse your harvest in a colander, discard the water. Dry the nettles over a gentle heat source (not the gas stove!) on a cloth or white towel.
Crumble and store in a closed glass or metal jar.
Perfect on your salads or in your herbal teas!

Cool, leftovers!

Don't be afraid to think big, leftovers make excellent preparations! Have you ever tried French toast, this ancient recipe? In Belgium, they serve cougnou, a brioche shaped like a child, on Christmas morning.Cut the brioche into thick slices, and let it soak in a milk/beaten egg mixture, possibly with a spice of your choice. There, I beat 4 eggs with around 1/2l of milk for 250g of brioche.
Melt some butter in a pan and brown your slices. I sprinkled them with flaked almonds to put them back in the oven tomorrow morning. And There you go! Don't forget: thick slices and butter for cooking. That makes all the difference!

Napkin rings for your guests

Perhaps you appreciated our napkin rings during your last stay? After all, it was a mark of distinction, in the past, to have your "napkin ring at a table": it made you a regular. Very practical also to avoid too many washes or filling the bins while respecting hygiene. Very simple to make, even with your children: cut strips of felt (2mm thick) measuring 6X20cm, approximately. Depending on the dimensions of your piece of felt, choose a multiple! Advantage of felt: no sewing, and easy to maintain.Roll up your strips, overlapping about 2cm. Choose your funniest buttons from your sewing box and sew them using the 2 layers of felt. That's all! Let your guests choose their napkin rings, they will recognize them more easily at the next meal!