The adventure of B&B A Quiet Place



The plan to welcome travelers is the result of a long road, covered with great encounters. Journalist, cultural animator, collector of life stories, traveler for the pleasure of discoveries and also for family necessity, I wanted to open my house to you to share the quality of life of this region, during a stay.

The light of the house

Originally from Hainaut, I put my suitcases in Rossignol in the summer of 1993 after a summer crisscrossing the Gaume for my articles: the light there was so extraordinary! Summer after summer, I always discover it with wonder.

A house, its history ...

It is a peaceful house, despite its history linked to Rossignol's tragic past.Destroyed on August 22, 1914 during the terrible Battle of the Borders which was then raging in the nearby woods and into the heart of the village, it was rebuilt in the 1920s when Rossignol was reborn. Tradition states that 2 brothers built their house together, fitting them together. From a distance, you think you only see a large building: the reality is more modest! The village memory retains some colorful figures who have inhabited it. 2 hairdresser sisters officiated there, terror of the rascals! It was also the public telephone at one time. It also housed the last horse stevedore in the village. Today, the main building and its outbuildings have been transformed to welcome you, while keeping the character of simplicity and authenticity which characterize our region so well.

You are our guests!

The old house wakes up listening to voices with accents from all walks of life.My family adds their own accents, since my older sons bring back their experiences from all over Europe!
Take the time to watch the video made for the storytelling show created by Christian Schaubroeck from the stories I collected: