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13 Feb 24

Booking Award!

Thank you for your recommendations and see you soon!!



19 Jun 23

Green and citizen energy on board!

Very happy to be able to display the logo of Cociter, 100% green electricity supplier And citizen! Sustainable tourism is also about caring for the community. See you soon!



21 Feb 23

A helping hand for the planet

Do we really need to shower twice a day?

Do you want to test the glove for quick toilets? I suggest it to you!

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23 Aug 22

How to pay for your stay?

At B&B A Quiet Place, you have the choice to pay for your stay:

- before, by bank transfer or online (secured by Stripes)
- on site, in cash, by bank card or by Payconiq (within the limits imposed by your bank)

Guide Tao Belgique

Guide Tao Belgique

25 May 22

Find BB A Quiet place in the Tao guide!

Already present in the Tao France guide, here is A Quiet Place selected in the Tao Belgium guide: the guarantee of an eco-responsible stay. See you soon!
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13 Mar 22

Tight budget and holidays: our answers

Help us maintain our prices: by booking in advance, you help us better manage our daily expenses.

We work with short circuit producers, which limits the transport of raw materials.

Zero carbon and zero fuel tip: arrive by train, it's less than 5 km away! Rental bikes... (see options)

And because solidarity is still the best answer, our summer rates are aligned with winter rates, apart from a few dates that are really in high demand.
A quiet place accessibilité

A quiet place accessibilité

04 Jan 21

Welcome to visually or hearing impaired people!

Good to know: we are approved to accommodate people with visual or hearing impairments, or with comprehension difficulties. The entrance, the dining room and the bedroom on the ground floor have been specially fitted out for your attention. No difference in height apart from access to the shower, which should also be suitable for less mobile people.
Clear signage allows easy circulation: practical for everyone!