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Welcome to people with visual or hearing impairments

We are happy to offer you access and a space specially designed for your comfort. The bedroom on the ground floor (1-3 people) has been equipped for you. See you soon!

A quiet place accessibilité

Welcome to people with visual or hearing impairments!

Hot ahead! We have just received our approval to accommodate people with visual or hearing impairments, or with comprehension difficulties. The entrance, the dining room and the bedroom on the ground floor have been specially designed for you. No height difference apart from the access to the shower, which should also suit less mobile people.


Pay for your stay with eco-checks and consumer checks!

With us, you can pay for your stay with Consumer Checks and Paper Eco-checks!
Treat yourself, we are waiting for you!
See you soon...


Covid-19 - caterers at your service

Most restaurants in the region offer take-out, or even home delivery! Do not hesitate to call on them during your stay with us. A fridge and an oven are available in the dining room. We can also order these meals for you (see our special offers).

Take care of yourself and others!

Of course, we do not forget you! We are working to offer you a safe welcome, with local products for breakfast as always, and of course warm hospitality! You can already read the article dedicated to our post-Covid19 offers.