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B&B A Quiet Place recommends their favourite places … around TINTIGNY

Cultural heritage
to 15.8 Km in our area

Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval

Why we recommend these places

A must! Sceneric ruins, peaceful place, interesting museum (beer and History), good beer and bread (for bread: Auberge de l'Ange gardien)

Sport activities
to 10.1 Km in our area

Kayak Le Batifol

 Come and discover one of the most beautiful kayak descents in the Semois, the ""Le Batifol"" kayak team awaits you at Pont Saint-Nicolas at the entrance to Camping Le Canada in Chiny. Different routes will take you to meet the hidden meanders of the Semois, from Chiny to Lacuisine or from Chiny to Chassepierre. Alone, with the family or in a group, sail by canoe or kayak exploring the lost corners of the Semois for a few hours or even 2, 3, 4 or more days. Discover a valley with unknown and wild aspects in an untouched nature. Our all-inclusive rates will allow you to benefit from quality, comfortable equipment as well as a full service. Before or after your descent, the French fries cabin will welcome you on its terrace along the river. Softs, beers, ice cream and snacks. Come and join us in Chiny at Pont Saint-Nicolas just at the entrance of the "Le Canada" campsite to spend a few hours or a day kayaking and discover the Semois valley.

Why we recommend these places

A must for your stay in Gaume. Sport and beautiful landscape

Cultural activity
to 23.6 Km in our area

Gaspar Museum

Push open the doors to this luxurious 19th-century house to meet brothers Jean and Charles Gaspar – the first a sculptor and the second a pictorialist photographer and patron. Jean's animals, bursting with energy and realism (Jean studied under Jef Lambeaux) rub shoulders with the gentle, timeless photos of Charles. The museum hosts major temporary exhibitions from its fabulous collections. At the end of the tour, you will discover the exceptional "Fisenne" altarpiece from Antwerp dating from the early 16th century, along with religious art collections.

Why we recommend these places

Cultural activity
to 35.3 Km in our area

Bastogne War Museum - Commémoration

Why we recommend these places

Museum dedicated to the Second World War and the Ardennes Offensive. Indispensable for history lovers of this period.

Cultural activity
to 38.9 Km in our area

Animalaine - Living museum of wool and old crafts

 We are a Living Wool Museum located in Bastogne in Belgium . But what is a "Living" Museum? We offer a visit in three stages. You will first have the opportunity to discover our animal park in which you will approach 25 species of woolly animals . Then, we will present to you the stages of wool work both today and at the beginning of the XXth Century. We will finally transport you through time: you will be guided in a reconstructed period house. Animal , it is a living museum, but above all a place of life and meetings in which we build your projects together. do not hesitate to send us your requests. We invite you, for a weekend, for a school outing , through this site, to discover our structure and its philosophy which is dear to us. Very good visit and we hope to see you soon!

Why we recommend these places

Ideal for the family: a visit to the wool-producing animals. Seasonal attraction

Cultural activity
to 30.4 Km in our area

Bouillon Animal Park

Come and discover the fauna of our region but also of other countries and continents in our zoological park in the heart of our beautiful Ardennes forest. In the park, the animals live in semi-freedom except some dangerous carnivores. In total, a hundred different species: lynx, wolves, takins, zebras, raptors, bison, bears, tigers, baboons, marmosets, antelopes, but also white lions, puma, jaguar. A 2 km walk awaits you for an unforgettable moment surrounded by nature. Educational signs are installed along the route to familiarize you with perhaps less known species. At the exit you can delight your toddlers with our playground and you can feast in our brasserie or restaurant, whether you are hungry or hungry for ogre. We organize your festive meals: weddings, communions, birthdays, ... We also organize your excursion meals: seniors, school children. A boutique will delight young and old who can take away memories of their day.

Why we recommend these places

For the family: a walk among the animals, in a superb landscape

Cultural activity
to 49.9 Km in our area

Han Caves Domain - PrehistoHan

Why we recommend these places

A major attraction, recently renovated. Visit majestic caves, explanatory route.