Live a sustainable tourism experience, certified by Green Key/Clé verte!


Want to meet a local community, its cultural heritage, immerse yourself in nature, and all this while staying in a small structure that is uncompromising on the values of sustainable tourism? A Quiet Place is for you!

The Green key/Clé verte label since 2020

It was in March 2020 that B&B A Quiet Place was awarded the precious label following a rigorous examination. but there is never a question of resting on your laurels! Sustainable tourism is built every day down to the smallest detail. Indeed, the international Green Key label pays attention to all aspects of sustainability, from water saving to local well-being.

Take the time to meet

At Quiet Place, it is an old farmhouse with a history well anchored in that of the village.Every aspect of the reception, whether it involves exterior work, decoration, food products, etc. is placed under the sign of local partnership, including with social economy companies. It's a great adventure every time. And as meeting is definitely my watchword, I welcome you with a maximum capacity of 7 people; enough to meet nice people without being overwhelmed by numbers! Take the time, greet the people you meet. I am pleased to recommend addresses where you will be welcomed as friends.

Make way for soft mobility

Come by train and hop on your bike, A Quiet place is only 5km away! Bicycles are available by reservation at the Tourist Office in the station. The region is teeming with trails to explore on foot or by bike. Little extra: I can take care of your luggage at the station, and even transfer it if you are in hiking mode!

Brand new, brand new: a bus line between Orval and Bouillon, with a stop at Florenville station!Full details on the TEC website:

From the room, on the table and in the furniture

Holidays are an opportunity to taste local products: homemade jams, Orval cheese, bread, ham, fruit, juices are produced in the region or through fair trade, distributed via a cooperative market and grocery stores supplied by short circuits. . Several pieces of furniture are the creations of talented local artisans.

Long live DIY and upcycling

Have fun guessing the dining room furniture adventure. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed: this is also true at the table, where you can try homemade recipes for crumble, flans and other savory-sweet treats.

Consume water in moderation

If the water flows in our fountains, it is no less precious.Discover our tips for preserving it: foaming taps, glasses for rinsing your teeth, dual-flow toilet flushes... all controlled by Clé verte .

You can also marvel at the wild world of the Semois, our beautiful river. Many activities will allow you to discover some of its mysteries and who knows, admire the fishing of the kingfisher or the dance of the white egret!

Zero waste: cheap!

I manage   to limit the residual fraction to one bag every 2 months, and 1 PMC bag per month: how? By careful sorting, choosing products with little or no packaging, and feeding compost. Use the sorting bins in your rooms. You save me precious time, which I can use to pamper you better!

Natural cleaning

Long live vinegar and other soda crystals, ...and above all good ventilation!The laundry is done at home: mildly aggressive products while respecting rigorous hygiene, no trips to an industrial washhouse, less wear and tear on the linen, less risk of allergies, and I can also offer you more colorful linen ! Little by little, classic sheets are being replaced by embossed cotton, which avoids ironing while providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Slow tourism: for you as for me!

A few days before your arrival, you will receive a link to a site that I provide with good deals for you. Take the time to look around and, if you feel like it, book a restaurant or activity. You will be better received if you are expected! Likewise, I ask you to notify me 48 hours before your arrival of your wish for breakfast, if you have not reserved it straight away. I need time to prepare the yogurts (10 hours + 1 night), go to Orval Abbey to get the famous cheese and go to the butcher's shop which only opens a few days a week for Ardennes ham .

Be curious, I love questions!

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