A stay with children


Are your children accompanying you? This is an opportunity to introduce them to the simple pleasures of the countryside... spiced up with a few unexpected experiences!

The garden is full of discoveries for those who know how to look. This is perhaps an opportunity to teach them to discover the daisy in the middle of its rosette of leaves, to let themselves be surprised by the scents of thyme or lavender, or the spicier scent of tansy.

It's raining? Our board games should give you a few very happy family hours! And if you want to go out, the museums of Arlon and Bastogne have planned fun and instructive routes for your kids. Of course, Gaume is renowned for its micro-climate! Take advantage of the good weather to discover the small world of the river at Pont de Fer , less than 10 km from our guest rooms.A beautiful playground also awaits them.

The Gaume is full of mysterious places. The Sentier des Fées , departing from Croix-Rouge (towards Virton) highlights this heritage with a route dotted with points of interest for young and old: magical, we tell you! A very welcoming establishment awaits you there to exchange your impressions and quench your thirst, big and small!

A must-see during your stay: the ruins of Orval Abbey . The space, the hiding places, the majesty of the site contribute to the pleasure of the whole family. If your children are good walkers, continue through the marshes of Orval to Chameleux : an ice cream as a reward! And the opportunity to introduce them to Roman antiquity in the remains of the villa that you will find there. A playground welcomes them.If they are too small to walk there, you can reach Chameleux by car or bicycle. It is also a popular place for walks. Stop in Florenville for an ice cream at Edouard 's or a mini-golf , near the post office.

In the direction of Habay, we recommend some very suitable places. For example, Villa Mageroy , particularly well appointed. This former Gallo-Roman relay is excavated each year during training courses and regularly brings to light very interesting discoveries. It is a place of nature and culture quite exciting.

In Habay-la-neuve, in the direction of Martelange, stop at Châtelet :playground, mini-golf, duckboard above the wet meadow and animal sculptures to be discovered along the walk. We want more!

Back in Rossignol, your children will love running on the Feathers trail, 100m from our rooms. A little further, the site of the ponds also offers a playground for the youngest, and a nice walk along the water.

Tired, hungry? Good local dishes, revisited in the form of pizza or hamburgers will satisfy your little beasts, before a well-deserved sleep in their room, under the benevolent eye of Sleeping Beauty...