Discover (a little) Gaume in 1 day... or more!


You like to visit a max, and you have little time?
Read this article, and get started!
In a few kilometers, you will discover some of our best spots.


Orval, its beer, its abbey...

To all lord, all honor: Orval first! At the entrance to Florenville, turn left and follow the pretty, slightly winding road. Orval is renowned for its excellent beer. It has also been a place of spirituality for a long time. Witness the splendid ruins, which I recommend you visit. It's one of those soothing places we love. You can stop for a tasting at the Auberge de l'Ange guardian, almost at the gates of the abbey.


Lorraine Gaume, French Gaume...: Avioth and Montmédy

From Orval, cross the border to Avioth , a very pretty village in French Gaume, where the minor basilica and above all its receiver, are worth more than a glance.The Gaume indeed plays cross-border, and we like to speak of Lorraine Gaumaise to designate this singular territory. Recently, a grocery store with local products has opened, and a restaurant on the square offers a good menu: reservation essential! Continue in the direction of Thonnelle as far as the citadel of Montmédy , erected by Vauban. Take the time to stroll through the streets of this small city between the walls and breathe in its very special charm. A visit to the ramparts will allow you to discover the vast surrounding panorama. In summer, craftsmen take over the casemates.

Montquintin and Virton: an incursion into our history and a stroll through town

Back to Belgium for a breath of fresh air and history in Montquintin , its castle, its village, its pretty museum of rural life and its landscape! You will get there by taking the direction of Rouvroy. You are not far from Virton :Treat yourself to a break in one of its very nice establishments. The Tourist Office offers you abundant documentation and valuable advice, with a smile! To see: the Musées gaumais , a journey through time from archaeological digs to modern times. Virton is also a pleasant pedestrian area and a very pretty walk along the Ton in the lower part of the town.

Our favorite corners, absolutely

Leave Virton, direction Etalle. Continue to a place called Fourneau Marchand (on your right after the Croix-Rouge crossroads). It's one of my favorite places to meet friends and enjoy freshly caught trout. Reservation required, payment in cash. Continue towards Etalle and turn at Buzenol, following the "Montauban" arrows. Follow a lovely path through woods and ponds to theMontauban site : in my opinion, an unmissable wonder that combines the pre-industrial history of our region, archeology, nature and contemporary art! Accessible 24 hours a day, except for indoor exhibitions , open in summer from Tuesday to Sunday, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Free, without reservation unless very busy.

Close by, and well hidden: the Island

Finally, I entrust you with another preserved place: the nature reserve of the Island , in Etalle. From Montauban, return to Buzenol, then Etalle. At the exit of Etalle, direction Florenville, park in the tiny car park just after the last roundabout. Be careful, this is indeed a nature reserve: the usual precautions for this type of place are in order! Animal photo enthusiasts, you will love it.You are 10 km from my bed and breakfast. Slowly take the road again towards Tintigny, then Rossignol, and you're there! You will have traveled 83 km if you follow this route where each stage represents a short distance.Of course, you can spread this program over several days, it will only be more pleasant for you.  


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