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you can change your check-in time (2 hours maximum depending on possibilities available): 10€


breakfast (included): served at the dining table (or kept cool in your fridge for the tenants of the Loft), and sure to delight your taste buds with a range of home-made and local produce.

brunch supplement: Gaume pâté, one of our local specialities to turn your breakfast into a hearty brunch: 3,5€/each

dinner on the premises: a great hot meal made by the “Comme à la maison” catering service; available until 8 p.m. Don’t forget to book! 18€

Lunch to take away: for travellers in a hurry and hikers 9€

cold plate: ideal for late arrivals 10€

bike shelter (free)

transport options: from and to Marbehan station, baggage transfer (maximum 30 km), drop-off for hikers 1€/km

bike rental in partnership with the Marbehan Tourist Office on reservation and subject to availability starting from 15€

A tonic or relaxing massage with a qualified masseuse on reservation and subject to availability from 30€ to 60€

recommendations and brochures about sightseeing and activities, reservation service available

restaurant recommendations, reservations


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