(small) lunch as a King…

Whether you visit us to relax, at a stop on a long trip or for work, our breakfast adapts to your schedules and appetites.

Our breakfast

A good health adage advocates breakfast as a King, from lunch as a Prince and dinner as a poor. At A quiet place, breakfast has all the honors!

A well-stocked table of seasonal local produce will brighten up your taste buds. Moreover, they are from local companies: bread from the bakery of Bellefontaine or Valansart, cheese of Orval or a nearby goat, ham and pâté gaubut of Florenville, Apple juice of the neighbouring press, fruits of the garden in season or Meuse,… In this way, your meal makes you visit nice corners nearby. To get to know them better, read the article that is dedicated to these artisans.

Maybe you take the time? Our schedules should suit you. We serve breakfast at the table from 8AM to 10am.

But your schedule is loaded? Want to start early in the day? No problem! The table will be put, the fresh products in a fridge, very easily accessible. At your choice, the coffee is ready in a thermos or to let infuse a few minutes in its coffee machine piston.

Another solution if you are really in a hurry: breakfast to take away. We prepare you a breakfast on the go that you will enjoy at your leisure: fresh products, healthy in a compostable packaging. Mention your choice the day before, we will do the rest!

At A quiet place, we believe that a pleasant and balanced breakfast prepares for an excellent day. We put all our care, with great pleasure and a lot of creativity!

Come and find out! We await you in the heart of the pretty village of Rossignol, close to a fountain where you can take a little water for your trip.

See you soon!

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