Privatization of the 2 bedrooms: 7 people maximum

from 197 € /night

Maximum Capacity:7 person(s)
Single Beds:2
King-Size Beds:1
Queen-Size Beds:1
Sofa Beds:1

Check-in Time 18:00
Check Out Time 11:00

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  • B&B-A-Quiet-Place-piquenique

    Lunch-pack (Price per person)

    from 10€
    Ideal for hikers, or anyone who takes to the road without spending time to eat.

    You bring a cardboard box, along with cutlery and napkin, all compostable, in a large kraft paper bag.
    On the menu and depending on the market: a mixed salad, small garnished sandwiches (omelet, ham, cheese, raw vegetables
    ...) and always water, at least one piece of fruit and a snack, most often homemade.
    Let us know your dietary preferences at the time of booking!
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  • beetle-155267_1280

    Shuttle (Price per km)

    from 1€
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  • A_Quiet_Place_Breakfast

    Full breakfast

    from 12€

    Whether you are visiting us to relax, during a stopover on a long trip or for work, our breakfast adapts to your schedules and appetites.

    There is a saying of good health to breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a poor man. At A Quiet Place, breakfast has all the honors!

    A table well stocked with local seasonal products will enliven your taste buds. Besides, they are from local businesses: bread from the Bellefontaine or Valansart bakery, cheese from Orval or from a nearby goat farm, Gaumais ham and pâté from Florenville, apple juice from the neighboring press, fruit from the garden in season or from the Meuse, … In this way, your meal takes you around pretty nearby places.

    Maybe you take the time? Our hours should suit you. We serve breakfast at the table from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m.

    But is your schedule busy? Want to start the day early? No problem! The table will be set, the fresh products in a fridge, very easily accessible.You can choose the ready-made coffee in a thermos or let it steep for a few minutes in its French press.

    Another solution if you are really in a hurry: the breakfast to go. We prepare a breakfast on the go that you can enjoy as you wish: fresh, healthy products in compostable packaging. Mention your choice the day before, we will do the rest!

    At A Quiet Place, we believe that a pleasant and balanced breakfast prepares for a great day. We put all our care into it, with great pleasure and a lot of creativity!

    Come and find out! We are waiting for you in the heart of the pretty village of Rossignol, near a fountain from which you can take a little water for your trip.

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  • B&B-A-Quiet-Place-fait-maison

    Basket of local products or delicatessen (your choice)

    from 20€
    La Gaume is renowned for the excellence of its products, both simple and authentic!
    Take advantage of your stay with us to taste them.
    We offer you an assortment, ideal for your arrival ... or to take home to prolong the pleasure of the holidays!
    The basket is made up according to the season, our favorites and your choices: with or without alcohol, with or without gluten, spread for children ... It contains what to prepare a substantial aperitif
    So do not hesitate to let us know your preferences when booking!
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  • B&B-A-Quiet-Place-Orval

    Orval snacks: bread, beer, cheese & Orval beer

    from 12€
    What better way to get in touch with a region than by tasting its good products?
    We offer you an all-Orval snack: abbey bread, young and old cheese, and of course a glass of Orval, the legendary beer (one of the 10 best beers in the world anyway!).
    To reserve at least 2 days before arrival (to guarantee ultra-fresh products)
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  • pate-gaumais2-1024x682

    Pâté gaumais, raw vegetables

    from 12€
    Pâté Gaumais is THE dish that every family offers to its guests: pork in small pieces marinated in herbs, stewed for a long time in a covered dough. This pâté has a label, illustrated by the host in the middle of the crust. It is often accompanied by a green salad. Enjoy it hot or cold, with a glass of Orval, of course!
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  • A-Quiet-Place-plat-traiteur1

    Catering dish

    from 20€
    Ideal on arrival: a delicatessen dish concocted by a local artisan with seasonal products awaits you in your fridge. Little extra: the homemade dessert!
    You enjoy it at the time that suits you. Crockery is at your disposal.
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  • BB-A-Quiet-Place-Panier-gourmand

    Large gourmet basket

    from 30€
    What to savor in all relaxation a nice aperitif-meal, made up of local products.
    And why order it to prolong the pleasure of your gastronomic discoveries at home?
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  • logo epi lorrain

    Pay on the spot in local currency!

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  • B&B-A-Quiet-Place-Balades-Contees

    Storytelling walk: Tales of Gaume

    from 220€
    Online reservation
  • BB-A-Quiet-Place-gouter-Shutterbug_75

    Afternoon tea

    from 5€
    A snack break with a homemade pastry, or a fruity composition, depending on the season and the boss's mood! With a glass of apple juice. At your disposal in the dining area.
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  • B&B-A-Quiet-Place-Dalimont-Cimetiere-Militaire-Rossignol

    Storytelling walk: the Great War

    from 220€
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  • BB-A- Quiet- Place-Paques

    personne supplémentaire

    from 10€
    The second bedroom of the suite can accommodate an additional person on a folding bed.
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