Not far from the famous Orval Abbey and at the meeting point of two nature parks, our guesthouse is your chance to stay in a hilly region, where the River Semois flows, and with a great history and stories to explore.

Gaume, a unique lifestyle

The "Gaumais", the inhabitants of Gaume, love their region. They would like to share it with you, if you can take the time. Time: that's the key word! Here, you can savour the landscapes on foot or by bike. Some great trails will lead you through villages and down country lanes. A chance to see the houses grouped along a street in our famous "linear villages"! They have plenty of tales to tell, these houses on the front line during the deadly battles of 1914! They were also home to the metal workers who manned the smelting plants in a triple meeting point between Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Workers, and farmers, too. They have always raised cows here, and of course, pigs, chickens and rabbits. You will see, the region is more adapted to livestock and less to crops. You can enjoy guessing how these houses were adapted by their different occupants.

Rossignol Park and Château 

You will be staying in a house that was rebuilt after the Great War. You can read about its history on another page. 100m to your right is Rossignol Park, which is open to the public. The 11-hectare domanial park is a great place for a stroll and hosts a wide range of cultural events, as the Local Tourism Office and Cultural Center. The park also boasts a wide range of biodiversity, jealously guarded by the naturalists at Natagora. And staying with nature, you can visit two gardens, one that is therapeutic and the other based on permaculture. Arriving soon is the Sentier des Plumes (Feather Path) is a fun, poetic visit and an interpretation centre commemorating the First World War. The original castle dated back to the 12th century. It was destroyed and rebuilt in various European wars and shows the strategic position of Gaume on the European political scene.

Hikes and walks

 Along the signposted trails you can explore the areas near the village on foot or by bike. In your room you will find a wide range of leaflets, and we can also provide you with IGN maps on request. The trails all begin at the lakes, a recreational area that is much appreciated by families. For experienced hikers: Rossignol is close to two major hiking trails: the legendary GR16 Semois Circuits Trail and the GR151 Tour of Belgian Luxembourg. Good to know if you're preparing your hiking stages! If you wish, we can have your bags sent on.

Don't miss in Gaume

Rossignol is a village in Gaume, a region straddling the Franco-Belgian border. Don't miss the major sites: Orval Abbey, the Avioth Basilica, Chiny with its breathtaking views over the River Semois, where you can have fun in a kayak or swimming in white waters, and the wonderful Domaine des Epioux, a great place for a walk. The Gaume Tourist Office website is teeming with information about activities, trails and events.

Anlier Forest, Ardennes

If you leave the village of Rossignol and head towards Neufchâteau, you will soon arrive in the Anlier Forest Nature Park. You are already in the Ardennes region with its schist houses. Lake Neufchâteau has recently seen some new developments. This is a leisure area that is a big hit with everyone. Children love the big play area, adults can try their hand at water sports, and hikers can take to the trails in the forests all around. The Anlier Forest Nature Park also includes the beautiful village of Habay-la-Vieille with its lakes and castles, as well as a wide range of signposted trails. For other activities a little further afield, the  Gaume Tourist Office website website has all the details. And for an all-round view of activities in Wallonia and Brussels, don't miss the website Wallonie Belgique Tourisme.