Live a sustainable tourism experience!

Sustainable tourism, Slow tourism or ecotourism: terms to describe a form of tourism where you take the time to meet, to appreciate. We believe that exchanges are the best vectors of knowledge and mutual enrichment. For having experienced them here, you can easily transpose elsewhere some beneficial practices for you and the environment.

Welcome to Gaume!

The Gaumais have a well-deserved reputation for being warm. After all, Gaume is in the far south of Belgium! It is not uncommon for our neighbors to offer their services to pick up the trailer for our guests. B&B A Quiet Place is an old farmhouse in the heart of a quiet yet vibrant village. Here, the locals greet you when you pass them: do the same, you will be appreciated! And breakfast is also a moment of happy encounters ...

Vacation without a car? It's possible

We are waiting for you at the pretty station of Marbehan(Brussels-Luxembourg line). You can choose to embark with your luggage or get on a bicycle, rented from the Marbehan Tourist Office . On site, a garage houses your bike. Well-marked routes are waiting for you to discover a region with gently undulating relief. If you prefer walking, Rossignol offers some pretty walks. And if you want to venture further, 2 solutions: buses (stop 100m in front of the park, line 22/2) or our shuttle service, the conditions of which you will find in our options.

The shortest route is often the best: dare to use short circuits!

On the breakfast table, taste the homemade jams, Orval cheese (produced 20 km from our home), Ardennes ham from the butcher (who can describe all the way to you before arriving on your plate. ), bread from the neighboring baker ordered just for you, apple juice from the nearby press ... If the coffee and cocoa come from far away, they are produced in a fair and organic sector. We believe that good things should be good for everyone, both producers and consumers. It is the French cooperative company 1336 that produces the teas and herbal teas that you can enjoy at any time. Local companies supplied the furniture for the rooms. We call on artisans to better match our concept of hospitality. Our 2 favorite accomplices: Woodconception , in Léglise, and Millumières , in Marche-en-Famenne. You will live with their creations in your room. We make at home the vast majority of the products offered, orwe buy them in a short circuit, at a local farmers' market or at a grocery store that promotes local, organic and fair trade products . You can even pay in Epis, our local currency!

DIY, upcycling

Since we are talking about the furniture, you can guess the adventure of the furniture in the dining room. The loft also has a lot of fun examples of upcycling. Our favorite shops: the Croix-rouge and l ' Entrepeau , in Bastogne! Nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed: this is also true at the table, where you can try our homemade crumble recipes, flans and other sweet and savory treats.

Water, a precious resource

If the water flows in our fountains, it is no less precious. At A Quiet Place, the water feature taps are equipped with a device that saves 30% of water.We provide you with glasses in the bathrooms: rinsing your teeth with a cup saves a lot of water. These cups are made of glass and therefore reusable. In addition, the flushes have a double flow. Remember to press the right button or longer or shorter as needed. Little more for the tenants of the loft: wash the dishes in the basin made available to you!

On the way to zero waste!

We manage to limit the residual fraction one bag per month: how? By careful sorting, the choice of products with little or no packaging. We favor bulk when purchasing, for which we provide containers, if possible in paper, glass or metal. We feed the compost with organic waste. You can participate: each room has sorting bins. Please distinguish the waste to be composted from the others. You save us precious time, which we can use to pamper you better!
All new, ourzero waste tutorial page without the hassle!

Natural cleaning

You appreciate a house that smells like "clean" and that's the least! We use few products: vinegar, soda crystals, baking soda, essential oils, Marseille soap… and above all good ventilation! Laundry is done at home with less aggressive products while respecting rigorous hygiene. This saves the time of journeys to an industrial laundromat, household linen subject to less wear and avoids possible allergies to industrial detergents. We can also offer you more colorful laundry! The ironing is entrusted to a local ironing center, which thus provides work in a logic of social economy. You will discover many other tips that will make life sweeter… everyone!

Ecotourism activities

The adventure begins at your doorstep: discover new worlds!The region is teeming with activities of all kinds: sporting, cultural, festive. We will be happy to provide you with the agenda for your stay. On site, you will have the opportunity to learn about plogging. How about trying the local currency experiment? Did you know that Belgian Lorraine, which includes Gaume, is a pioneer in the area of local currency? We have created the Epi lorrain with which you can pay for your purchases in many shops in the region. Let's talk about it when you make your reservation: we can prepare a "nest egg" to exchange for a few Euros. Since March 2020, B&B A Quiet Place has been awarded the Green Key label, a very serious guarantee for a sustainable stay! And the Bienvenue Vélo label continues to provide you and your 2-wheelers with an excellent welcome!

Other activities…

Horse-drawn carriage rides with a nature guide or alone from Habay-la-Vieille, by reservation and if availability
Local walk in a horse-drawn carriage and with a riding donkey, accompanied by a local guide. Tasting of local products. Max. 5 people - To reserve at least 5 days before on
1/2 day with Les Voituriers de la Semois : around a welcome drink, you define your expectations. You get to know the horses and go ahead! 2 hours of sporting or quiet stroll with a nature guide. To book by email or phone .
Plogging, jogging or hiking with waste collection: an activity descended from the North of Europe to our regions: equipment offered on site
Storytelling evening: ideal for the loft. An evening by the fireside with the storyteller Christian Schaubroeck, whom you can see at work on the video on our presentation page.

On reservation and subject to availability

Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes when making your reservation!