Enjoy a sustainable tourism experience!

Sustainable tourism, slow tourism or ecotourism. These terms are used to describe a form of tourism where you take your time to make encounters and savour an experience. We believe that meeting new people and conversation are the best ways to encourage shared knowledge and mutual enrichment. After experiencing them here, you can easily apply these beneficial practices for yourself and the environment elsewhere.

Welcome in Gaume!

The people of Gaume have a deserved reputation for their warmth. Gaume is in the far south of Belgium after all! It is not unusual for our neighbours to offer their services to help unhitch our guests' trailers. A Quiet Place is a converted farm at the heart of a peaceful but thriving village. Here, the inhabitants say hello when they pass by: do the same, they will appreciate it! And breakfast is also a time for great encounters!

A car-free holiday? It's possible

We'll be happy to pick you up from the beautiful Marbehan station (Brussels-Luxembourg line). You can then either get in the car with your bags or ride a bike rented from the Marbehan Tourist Office, right next to the station. You can keep the bike in our garage. Well-signposted trails await you as you explore our region with its gently rising and falling country roads.
If you enjoy hiking, Rossignol has some wonderful trails on offer. And if you want to go further afield, you have two solutions: the bus (line 22/2, with the bus stop 100m away in front of the park) or our shuttle service.

The shortest way is often the best, so choose short food supply chains!

On the breakfast table, you can taste our home-made jam, Orval cheese (made 20 km away), Ardenne ham from the butcher's (he can tell you just how it goes from the farm to your plate), bread from the baker's next door and ordered just for you, apple juice from an apple press close by… The coffee and hot chocolate come from far away, but they are fair trade and organic. We believe that good things should be good for everyone, for farmers and consumers. The French cooperative company 1336 makes the teas and tisanes you can enjoy at any time of day. Local firms supply the furniture in the rooms. We always work with craftsmen, since this corresponds to our idea of welcoming our guests. Our 2 favourite partners: Woodconception in Léglise and Millumières in Marche-en-Famenne. You can see their creations in the Quiet Workspace and the Quiet Room. We make most of the food we serve, using short food supply chains, from a local farmers' market or a grocer's shop promoting local, organic and fair trade products. You can even pay in Epis, our local currency!

D.I.Y., upcycling

On the subject of furnishing, you can try to guess the adventures experienced by the various furniture in the dining room. The loft also has plenty of fun examples of upcycling. Our favourite shops: the Red Cross shop and L'Entrepeau in Bastogne! Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed: this is true at the dining table, where you can try out our home-made crumble, flans and other sweet and savory treats.

Water, a precious resource

The water flows in our fountains, but it's nonetheless precious. At A Quiet Place, the bathroom taps are fitted with a system to reduce water consumption by 30%. There are glasses in the bathrooms for rincing after you brush your teeth. Using a glass saves a lot of water. The glasses are reuseable. We have installed dual flush toilets. Don't forget to press on the right button for a longer or shorter time according to your needs. That little bit extra for guests in the loft: you can wash your dishes in the basin at your disposal!

Our target is zero waste!

We manage to limit the waste collected to one bag a month: but how? By careful sorting and choosing products with little or no packaging. We try to buy unpackaged items, which we store in containers, wherever possible made of paper, glass or metal. We add organic waste to the compost. You can help: each room has different recycling bins. Please sort the waste to be composted from the rest. You will help us save precious time that we can dedicate to taking care of you!

Natural housekeeping

Everyone naturally likes a house that smells "clean"! We use few products: vinegar, soda crystals, essential oils, Marseille soap… and most of all we give the rooms a good airing! We make our own washing powder using gentle ingredients, while ensuring high levels of hygiene. This means we save the time we would need to go to an industrial launderette. Household linen undergoes less wear and tear, and we avoid the allergies sometimes caused by industrial detergents. It also means we can provide you with more colourful linen! Ironing is done at a local ironing centre. This also provides jobs through a social economy approach.
And we have plenty of other tips and tricks to make life gentler... for everyone!

Ecotourism activities

The adventure starts at your door: set off to explore some new worlds!

The region is teeming with leisure activities of all kinds: sport, culture and festivities. We will be happy to let you know what's on during your stay. This will be your chance to try your hand at plogging. And how about using our local currency? Did you know that Belgian Lorraine, where Gaume is located, is a pioneer in local currencies? We have created the Epi Lorrain which you can use to make purchases in many shops in the region. Let us know if you are interested when you book and we can get a small "stash" for you in exchange for a few Euros. In March 2020, A Quiet Place B&B was awarded the Green Key label, a very serious guarantee of a sustainable stay! And the Bikes Welcome label continues to ensure that both you and your bike will be given an excellent welcome!

Other activities...

Donkey-drawn carriage rides along with a nature guide or on your own starting out from Habay-la-Vieille (reservation required and subject to availability)
A donkey-drawn carriage tour of local specialities in the company of a local guide. Tastings of regional specialities. Maximum 5 people– Please book at least 5 days beforehand on https://www.asishop.org/shop
1/2 day with Les Voituriers de la Semois: around a welcome drink, you define your expectations. You get acquainted with the horses and ahead! 2h of sports or quiet walk with a nature guide. To book by email or phone

Plogging is jogging or hiking while picking up litter. The activity originating in northern Europe has now arrived in our regions. We can provide the equipment
Storytelling evening: ideal for the loft. An evening by the fireside with the storyteller Christian Schaubroeck. You can see him in action in the video on our home page.
Reservation required. Subject to availability.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any requests when you book!